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 Im Skill Application

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Im Skill

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PostSubject: Im Skill Application   Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:28 am

Hey my name is Lee (Im Skill) I would love to be mod on your server because I can provide you with a great server, I love chatting to people and making friends, I am really helpful and active. If you make me mod I will do everything to provide you's with help, safety. My life is dedicated to the community I love the community. I do not like banning people and that is not my intentions I will report anything which is horrible, mean, racist. I do not slob around I am on duty nearly all the time 98%. I have TONS of experience i've been mod like 9 times admin I think 4 and co-owner 2's and on other games like habbo I been mod 7 admin 2's. I have never been banned off ANY game no rsps no habbo retro or anything. If people cause hassle with me I either ignore them or tell them to calm down. Some people say like 'STFU!' no I never do that, that is unacceptable I may tell someone to calm down or stop shouting but never 'shut up' Thanks for your time hope you liked it and Goodluck to everyone else bye ! <3
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Im Skill Application
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