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 Runescape Dicing Clan, 100% legit

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PostSubject: Runescape Dicing Clan, 100% legit   Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:27 pm

[10:21:59 PM] DiabeticPerson: [size=16pt]"MMOE Dice" - World 99 Duel Arena Entrance[/size]
MMOE Thread Here: http://www.mmoexchange.net/forums/index.php?topic=26695.0

With some consideration and talk with other Moderators, I have decided to open up MMOE's own Competitive Dice Game Clan.

My idea for this clan is to set up something that is exactly similar to "Maxed Boxing." When one Boxes someone at the Duel Arena, and each player has maxed stats, one does not have an advantage over the other. In essence, each player has a 50% chance to win.

Our Dice Clan, "MMOE Dice", will be set up to include those same chances to win. (We will be on World 99.)

[size=14pt]Getting Started:[/size]

First, one must get a "Dice Bag." The quickest way to get there would be to use a "Ring of Dueling," and then proceed to the highlighted route:

When you are there, trade the merchant "Faruq" and buy the dice bag:

After you have the Dice Bag, join the MMOE Dice Clan: "MMOE Dice", and meet us at the Duel Arena entrance:

Now you need to set your dice to the correct dice type that we will be using at "MMOE Dice."

Right-Click on your Dice Bag and Select "Choose-Dice."

Select "Two 6-sided dice:"

You are now ready to Dice!

[size=14pt]How To Dice in "MMOE Dice":[/size]
Next, find a Rank in the clan "MMOE Dice" who is currently hosting. Generally, Ranked Hosters will say "Open for Hosting," or something similar.
(Watch out for impostors! We are not responsible if you trade someone who is not ranked in the clan. This is your responsibility.)

Trade the "Hoster" the amount you would like to "stake."

The Hoster will then say something similar to:

Another player who is wishing to Stake a similar amount will then trade the same Hoster and trade the same amount to him/her.

The Hoster will announce when it is time to roll your dice by saying something similar to:

At this time, you must Right-Click your Dice Bag and select the "Friends-roll" option:

Any roll prior to the Hoster's announcement will not count and each person who rolled early will be required to roll again. There are no exceptions.

Your roll will be displayed as such:

Whoever rolls the highest number, wins the "stake."

If both players who are staking roll the same number, both players will roll again. The same rules will be in effect until one player rolls higher than the other. Do not roll before the Hoster says "Roll."

After the Rank takes 5% of the total amount of money "staked" for MM-ing the transaction, he/she will give the winner his money.

For example, if Player1 and Player2 both stake 5 Million GP, the total "Pot" would be 10Mil. Therefore, the Hoster would receive 5% of the 10 Million (500k) and the winner would get 9.5 Million GP.

This type of rolling is exactly like Maxed Boxing, but instead one doesn't have to sit through an entire fight in order to see the results. One can tell if they won/lost in a matter of seconds, making it faster to gain/lose money.

-Ranks decisions are final. If you believe you have been treated unjustly, feel free to post on this thread.
-The Clan is open for everyone to talk. Do not abuse this - it can be taken away if it causes problems.
-Do not beg for money, inside or outside of Clan Chat.
-This is not in any way against RS rules, do not bring up anything that does go against RS rules in chat.
-Rules may be added at any time by Moderator's discretion.

Although not a rule, always watch out for impostors and feel free to post their names on here for everyone to know.

[size=14pt]FAST "How-To":[/size]
1) Buy Dice-Bag from Faruq, Southwest of Duel Arena.
2) Set Dice-Bag to "Two 6-sided dice".
3) Join Chat "MMOE Dice" and meet at World 99.

1) Trade an Open Hoster/Rank in Clan. Give them your "stake."
2) Another player who wants to stake the same amount will trade that same hoster and give them their money.
3) When Hoster says roll, both players will roll dice.
-Any roll done before Hoster says "Roll" will not count.
4) Highest Roller Wins, Hoster takes 5% commission before giving winner money.

[size=19px][color:0196=rgb(0, 0, 255)]Hosts:
[size=19px][color=#000000][/size][size=12px]For the moment, all hosts will only be Staff members of both RSBots.Net and MMOExchange.Net. We are not taking applications at the moment. Remember hosts will be ranked, always check usernames for legitimacy.

[/size][color=rgb(0, 0, 255)]

Questions/Thoughts/Ideas? Feel Free to Post them.

I do have more ideas in the future if everything works out with this clan.

There will be a 100m+ drop party for the members of the clan very soon. Very Happy
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Runescape Dicing Clan, 100% legit
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