A RuneScape Lost Legacy

24/7 Server Summoning, Hunter, Soul Split
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 Skillz Mod App

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PostSubject: Skillz Mod App   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:57 pm

-Why Do You Want To Be A Mod?:
I want to be mod to make this community a happier place.

-Have You Ever Been A Mod Before? (Dont List The Servers)?:
Ive owned, modded admin and even co and donor of many.
-Will You Respect Others?:
Yes i will respect Everyone.
-What Will You Do With Abusers?:
I will do what needs to be done dependign on how server the problem is.
-Will You Be Friendly To Other Staff?:
Always was always will be.
-Does The Other Staff Like You?:
Yes they do why wouldnt they ive just started.
-What Do You Say If Someone Says "Can You Show Me What Jail Looks Like?":
If someone ask id tell them im srry im not allowed to do that unless you have broken a rule.
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Skillz Mod App
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