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The new server will be up shortly.......

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 Yo... It's crel....

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PostSubject: Yo... It's crel....   Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:28 pm

Been about 2 almost 3 years, i looked at hellfires(Mikes) status on skype an noticed theres a new server up :L Came to support it i don't know if i'm welcome. But hay, What's up. I don't know if this is a older forum, Or a newer one. It look's like one of our newer ones. So just here to pop by an find out, Where the new server is. An hopefully someone is active ^_^
Btw, I'm crel (Mike) Seems my username was taken, or this is a old server an i was correct, an forgot my password. I joined years beyond years ago. I met james, Then blayke showed up. I was aiming for moderator as anyone would. I gained it, After brandon? Was ruining the economy a bit. From there hellfire came, I did not like him at all at first. Then he eased in on me, An we became best friends. From there, The server shut down. Then we opened another server. An for some reason i was a super star, As for all of the servers after that. An i did start alot of drama. An was a rager haha, I don't know if i changed. Don't really care for the chance to find out. Just am siked that a new server is back ^_^. Just tried to talk to hellfire, but he deleted me on skype a few months ago. Nearly made me cry lmfao. But i just got in contact of him, Seeing what's up.
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Yo... It's crel....
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