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 Forum Staff Application - Descent

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PostSubject: Forum Staff Application - Descent   Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:14 pm


In-Game Name:




Other Games (consoles included):
MW2, Black Ops, and MW3 on the Xbox

Hobbies (other than games):
Chilling with my friends, BMX, and coding.

Link to your topic in "Introduction" if you have one:

Additional Comments (optional):
I'm very educated and sometimes referred to as a "Grammar Nazi". I've been playing RS since '06 when I was 6 and I've been coding since I knew how to point and click. I've owned two RSPS' both of which failed miserably. I try to be as friendly as possible when dealing with situations, and

Will you be active when playing Primal-PvP?:
Any day, and any amount of hours I can.

Will you be active on the forums?:
Very, the forums are my favorite part of an RSPS.

What position do you want?:
Forum Mod/Admin

Why are you interested in joining our staff?:
I feel as if I'd be a great addition to the staff team because I'm very good at handling situations especially over the internet. I want to get to know you all better sometime also.

What do you like about our community?:
By far the friendliness.

What do you think we can improve on?:
I've not yet seen the actual server, but on the forums, not a single thing. Except maybe purchase vBulletin.

What can you contribute to our community?:
Anything and everything, as stated above I am a huge forum user and can handle an immense amount of varying situations.

You see a duper, what do you do?:
Ban. No warning, as duping can ruin a server's economy sooner than someone donating 500,000$ then giving it all away. (Of course a figure of speech.)

You see your best friend breaking the rules, what do you?:
Even if it's my best friend I will still treat them as a rule breaker. On another server I owned, I had to ban one of my best friends because he thought he could act out and give out anything he wanted because he was my friend, so in conclusion, I basically don't show any favoritism at all.
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Forum Staff Application - Descent
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